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Why is my Masternode Missing Rewards?

There is always some new information to learn when dealing with cryptocurrencies. Especially where altcoins are concerned, things are never cut-and-dry. Masternode-capable currencies often tend to suffer from the same problem. A lot of coins falter because the masternode rewards are not issued to the rightful person. It is a common problem, but thankfully, one that can be fixed.

The Missing Masternode Rewards Mystery

Most users who run a masternode will eventually run into an odd problem. It appears as if one’s node doesn’t always receive the rewards correctly. With the influx of new masternode-capable coins, this issue has become a lot more prevalent. This is mainly because all of these coins rely on the same code base. That code base once fell victim to this annoying bug as well

To put this into perspective, node owners expect a payment every X hours. While payouts can be delayed by up to 30 minutes or an hour at times, they never go “missing”. Unfortunately, it seems a fair few current masternode-capable networks suffer from exactly that problem. Node owners are rewarded 75% of the time or slightly more, but never the full 100%. As such, they lose out on good money, even though it isn’t their fault in the first place.

Interestingly enough, this bug only affects masternode rewards. Users who stake their coins will not have the same problem. They may run into “orphan rewards” now and then, though. With these MN rewards, there is no orphan transaction to speak of. In fact, there is no transaction ID on the network at all. As such, the “reward” isn’t created nor issued. It is a very troublesome bug, but one that can be resolved with some effort and coding knowledge.

How Does it Happen?

That may be the most difficult question to answer. If the block explorer says a payment is made, yet there is no transaction, it appears to be a blockchain-related problem. Block explorers can be wrong at times, but they never lie about actual transaction IDs. Since users do not receive any reward, they should not reindex their wallet or restart their node either.

That latter approach can work, temporarily. A restarted node usually re-enters the queue with a blank slate. It can help alleviate some payout concerns. Unfortunately, the bigger issue will remain on the blockchain level. As such, the missing rewards will become an issue again later on. Switching hosting providers or using different wallet addresses will not work either.

It can be Fixed With Ease

The main aspect to keep in mind is how this issue can be resolved. Numerous coins suffered from it in the past. That list will continue to grow depending on how developers “copy’ existing code. Even so, the precedent for a fix exists, thus all projects should be fine in the end. That is, assuming the project has a competent developer who can identify this exact problem and introduce a solution.

It is also worth nothing not every masternode-capable altcoin has this problem. Some projects seem more prone to missing rewards than others. It would appear the original “bug” was found in either the Dash or PIVX code, although it has never been documented in detail. As such, it appears this problem does not have an official name or documentation for other developers to refer to. Looking at a project’s source code can usually yield all of the information one needs to address this problem, though.

Disclaimer: All information provided in this article is for educational and entertainment purposes only. MNMMG Does not offer investment advice and is not responsible for any financial losses sustained by its readers.

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