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What is Snode?

Service providers play a growing role of importance in the masternode industry. Everyone looking to make money online needs to be aware of which provider extends what type of services. Snode, although a relatively new platform, is quickly making a name for itself in this specific industry. Their vast range of services has many people excited about the future.

What is Snode all About?

Building the future infrastructure of masternode-oriented services is not an easy feat. As this industry becomes more competitive, companies need to offer something unique to be successful. For Snode, the main focus lies on high-quality masternode services, blockchain project support, multi-coin mining, and so forth. All of these cornerstones of the Snode ecosystem are currently being developed, with the masternode platform accessible through a public beta.

The Masternode Services Worth Checking Out

Snode offers many services, although most users will be interested in their masternode solutions. The company acknowledges there is somewhat of a learning curve when it comes to setting up and managing a masternode. As such, they offer users an option to build their own nodes through a convenient interface. Another option is to join other member sin shared nodes, which require less of an upfront investment cost.

For those users who opt to host their node through Snode, they will benefit from a secure and trustless infrastructure. All users will remain in control of their collateral and rewards at all times as well, which is another big selling point. Unlike some other service providers, Snode will never act as a custodian of user funds. Cryptocurrency is all about financial freedom and this company wants to embrace that vision.

To date, the Snode platform supports many different masternode-oriented altcoins. Some of its most popular offerings include Snodecoin – the native currency of this platform – as well as ProxyNode, WorldCryptoForum Coin, LightPayCoin, and Birake, to name just a few. More currencies will be added as they become available and demand arises.

Having the option to reserve a shared or dedicated masternode also lets users inform themselves better prior to making a decision. After all, there are dozens of different masternode-oriented altcoins to choose from. Based on their cost, popularity, and potential ROI, Snode users can make the best business decision which suits their specific needs.

Pricing Structure and Fees

It is only normal a platform such as Snode would require a certain fee to provide these valuable services. As they take care of all hosting and maintenance needs, users have very little to do except for contributing funds. Most masternodes, both shared and dedicated, have a maintenance fee of anywhere from 3% to 6% for the lifetime of one’s node. This is a fair price to pay considering all of the logistics and technical issues are handled by the team at any given time.

Upcoming Products and Services

Although Snode is a viable masternode-oriented platform, the team will branch out into different businesses. The next development comes in the form of introducing an AI-based investment feature. Its release date is scheduled for the first half of 2019 without further specifics being made public at this time. Their crypto consulting business will also continue to play a role of importance in the future.

Disclaimer: All information provided in this article is for educational and entertainment purposes only. MNMMG Does not offer investment advice and is not responsible for any financial losses sustained by its readers.

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