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Twitter Confirms Users’ Phone Numbers Were Misused for Advertising Purposes

Technology service providers often cause unexpected trouble. In the case of Twitter, phone numbers belonging to its users were misused. This information was involved in an advertising ploy, without user consent. All of the phone numbers in question were provided solely for two-factor authentication on the social network. 

To date, Twitter claims no personal data was leaked to external partners. Additionally, they figured out what caused this “error” to occur. From September 17th onward, all phone numbers and email addresses are only collected for security purposes. 

The company will not confirm how that information was handled prior to that specific date. 

It also remains unclear how this will affect users. The company cannot estimate how many users are affected by this slip-up. Despite offering an official apology, it seems likely that some backlash will occur. 

Social media companies aim to obtain as much personal information from their users and possible. Handling that information correctly and privately seems to be very difficult for some. 

Twitter follows in Facebook’s footsteps in this regard. That company is known for its privacy malpractices over the years. Although the firm led by Jack Dorsey has caught less attention, it too is coming under fire in recent months. Using social media remains a double-edged sword for its users. 

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