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Top 5 Masternodes With High ROI – 2018 Week 6 Edition

In the world of masternode altcoins, it all comes down to making money. The ROI of one’s investment plays a key role in this regard. Based on the current rankings, a lot of high ROI coins have zero trading volume. The following 5 coins are notable exceptions in this regard. It is often difficult to look past the big numbers. However, investors need to be able to sell their earnings as well.

SteadyNode (SDD)

Although SteadyNode boasts an ROI of over 13,000%, it seems to be in high demand too. With nearly $11,000 in trading volume, things are looking up. Effectively creating an SDD masternode can be challenging. The lack of masternode hosting provider support is a big problem in this regard. It will be interesting to see if this altcoin can keep going strong in the next few weeks. Right now, there are still just 21 network nodes active.

Food Chain (FDC)

Food Chain is a relatively new addition to masternode-capable altcoins. Its annual ROI of 5,553% is quite appealing. That figure also explains the $31,498 in overall trading volume. It appears the number of FDC nodes continues to grow at a steady rate. Many shared hosting service providers support this project at this time. As such, the 120 masternodes on the network are a positive indicator in terms of future growth.

Phone Coin (PHON)

The overall trading volume of PHON may seem to be on the low side. Just $6,460 isn’t much, but still better than most top ROI coins. This is also a project with tiered masternodes in an effort to attract more investors. Depending on the MN tier, the annual ROI still sits well above 2,500%. As such, one would expect more investors to buy into this altcoin moving forward.

P2P Coin (P2P)

The story of P2P Coin is quite interesting. Its annual ROI has held its own above the 1,500% mark for some time now. In fact, the ROI recently improved to over 3,000% again. That would explain why there are 71 nodes active right now. With just under $4,000 in volume, there is still plenty of work to be done. The most recent value increase may help attract additional investors.

MeSteam (MTE)

Although MeSteam is losing some ground, everything’s still fine. Its current ROI of 3,208% is more than acceptable. With just $1,545 in trading volume, overall interest has seemingly waned. A bit of a surprise, as just 85 masternodes are online right now. Not being listed on Crypto-Bridge may prove to be a hindrance, though. It is the go-to exchange for MN altcoins these days.

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