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Top 5 Masternodes Earning Over $2,000 a Month – December 2018

There is a lot of good money to be made with masternodes. Although there is always a risk some of these projects will turn into a scam later on, there are plenty of legitimate offerings as well. For those who are chasing the highest monthly earnings, the following projects are worth checking out. Do keep in mind your mileage may vary when it comes to actual earnings.

#1  KickSoccer Coin

Although it can prove difficult to get the necessary masternode collateral for KickSoccer Coin, running a KSOC masternode is extremely lucrative. It currently rewards users with $11,613 worth of KSOC per month. That is a very significant amount of money, especially when considering the price of one masternode is “just” $4,220 in comparison. A very interesting option to consider, although there may be some financial risk involved in terms of actually selling the earnings. KickSoccer Coin doesn’t have the best market liquidity at this time.

#2 Gold Poker

The Gold Poker masternode rewards owners with an ROI of 1,305%, which equals just over 100% per month. One masternode for Gold Poker sets users back $3,103 and they will earn $3,374 per month from providing this service. This makes it rather easy and straightforward to earn back the initial investment, although one has to keep in mind selling the coins at high prices may prove to be challenging under the best or circumstances.

#3 Skyhub

Owners of a Skyhub masternode will be pleased with the way earnings are coming in right now. Although it costs $4,372.5 to set up a Skyhub masternode at this time, the monthly earnings add up to $2,340. That is a more than respectable amount of money to be made from doing virtually nothing. Similar to the other two currencies above, it may not have the most liquidity across exchanges at this time.

#4 Vitae

It is safe to say those who want to own a Vitae masternode will need to pony up some serious money. At this time, one has to pay $26m740 to even get enough coins together, primarily because there isn’t much of a circulating supply to go around. If one succeeds in setting up such a node, they can currently earn $2,303.27 per month. While this is a very appealing option, getting the collateral together will be the primary challenge first and foremost.

#5 Payday Coin

Although Payday Coin has one of the more appealing names for those who want to make money online, its masternode earnings aren’t half bad either. More specifically, it costs $1,215.3 to set up a Payday Coin masternode, yet users will earn $2,256.7 every single month from doing so. A very nice ROI to those who want to play around a bit with masternodes, although its overall liquidity is also a bit of a problem right now.

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