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This Week’s Hot Masternode Altcoins: Mesteam, Traffic Data Coin, P2PCoin

New masternode-capable altcoins come to market virtually every other day. As such, it is pertinent for enthusiasts and invests to keep close tabs on what is coming next. The following projects have attracted a fair bit of attention this week. Remaining relevant in this industry will pose a serious challenge for all of these projects once their projected ROI goes down.

Mesteam (MET)

One of the hotter altcoins of the week comes in the form of Mesteam. This particular currency offers masternode solutions to investors. With a current projected ROI of over 13,500%, it is also one of the more lucrative opportunities to pursue. Investors can expect daily returns of $533 or slightly more. Despite a recent 32% price drop, Mesteam is still in high demand on Crex24. Sustaining this high price and ROI will not be easy. Setting up a MET masternode currently costs just over $1,400.

Traffic Data Coin (TDC)

Any masternode-capable currency offering high rewards will always be of great interest. Traffic Data Coin checks a lot of the right boxes in this regard. With its annual ROI of 12,127%, it is a very lucrative altcoin to explore. Node owners can expect a daily income of $1,211, which is absolutely insane under these overall market circumstances. With plenty of trading volume to go around, recovering the initial investment shouldn’t be too complicated. The setup cost for a TDC node remains high at nearly $4,000.

P2PCoin (P2P)

Although P2PCoin has seen its overall price decline slightly this week, the community is still excited. Running a node will cost roughly $2,100, yet users can expect to make 10% of that back every single day. The current annual ROI for this project sits at 4,246.9%. It would take 9 full days to recuperate the initial investment, after which everything else becomes profit. A worthwhile opportunity to look into for those willing to take a small risk. It is expected P2P will be listed on Crypto-Bridge shortly. That can either provide a price boost or cause a further decline.

Disclaimer: All information provided in this article is for educational and entertainment purposes only. MNMMG Does not offer investment advice and is not responsible for any financial losses sustained by its readers.

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