MNMMG Tiered Masternode

What are Tiered Masternodes?

In the masternode world, many different projects vie for attention. Some ventures will be more successful than others. Tiered masternode structures have become a bit more common as of late. This unusual investment structure offers drawbacks and advantages. For speculators and investors, it poses some risks to keep in mind. The Tiered Masternodes Concept Under […]

MNMMG Altcoins Most Masternodes

Overall top 5 Altcoins With the Most Masternodes – 2018 Week 5 Edition

As the cryptocurrency bear market continues, it seems masternode projects are also affected. A lot of owners shut down their node as the overall ROI declines. The following coins currently have the most masternodes. However, even they have to contend with severe fluctuations where these figures are concerned. Horizon Securenode (ZEN-42) To date, this remains […]

MNMMG PIVX Fake Stake Crypto-Bridge

Crypto-Bridge Suspends Various Altcoin Deposits Following PIVX’s “Fake Stake” bug Disclosure

Investors in masternode currencies may want to pay close attention. A lot of currencies are forked from PIVX. It has become apparent that code base contains a critical bug which needs to be addressed. As such, exchanges are forced to suspend withdrawals and deposits for some currencies. Crypto-Bridge, the go-to platform for MN coins, is […]

MNMMG Masternode Rewards

How do Masternode Rewards Work?

As the altcoin industry trucks along, there appears to be a growing interest in masternode currencies. As new investors come to this market, a lot of new questions emerge. Especially where the node rewards are concerned, some of the key questions always seem to come back over time. Now is a good time to alleviate […]