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Rocket League Drops Lootboxes in Favor of Blueprints and Credits

The gaming industry has come under fire for its loot box practices. For developers, this means major changes need to be introduced. Psyonix Team, the creators of Rocket League, have confirmed their lootboxes – or Crates –  will be removed from the game soon. 

The End of Lootboxes

The random aspect of lootboxes in video games has triggered a lot of backlash. Players not only pay full money for a game, but they can also spend money on crates which offer them random loot. In most games offering this type of “content, the rewards are randomized and could incentivize users to gamble even more money away. 

Despite the drawbacks of this system, it also generates a ton of revenue for game developers. Not every developer wants to continue down this path. Psyonix Team has confirmed they will restructure their way of obtaining “special content”. iIs Rocket League Crates will be removed by the end of 2019. Instead, they will introduce Blueprints and a rotating Item Shop. 

Rocket League Blueprints

Players of Rocket League will have a chance to obtain a Blueprint for every game they play. Every Blueprint will tell players exactly what it is used for and what can be created with it. Users can spend in-game Credits to manufacture the item in question and have it in their inventory right away. There are no delays and no RNG elements involved in this process. 

Certain elements will transition over from Crates to Blueprints. Players will notice some Blueprints will drop with extra attributes. This includes Painted, Certified, and Special Edition attributes. That part of the equation still remains up to RNG. However, since everyone can earn these Blueprints by simply playing the game, the new solution should cause far less friction. 

Item Shop and Credits

The Item Shop in the game will offer a growing range of content. Players can obtain new items and legacy Crate content, among other things. All of the items purchased from the Rocket League Item Shop will be bound to a player’s account. As such, they cannot be traded with other players. 

The introduction of Credits to Rocket League is crucial. It is the new premium currency that will replace the current Keys system. Credits are used to forge items from Blueprints, upgrade to Rocket Pass premium, and obtain content from the in-game Item Shop. These Credits will not be eligible for purchases in the eSports Shop, as that service has its own Token. 

Header image courtesy of Rocket League.

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