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ProxyNode Price Rises Following Coinmarketcap Listing

Not a day goes by without some interesting development affecting the masternode industry. ProxyNode, one of the up-and-coming currencies in this industry, is getting a lot of attention. The currency is now officially listed on Coinmarketcap, which will undoubtedly give it some more visibility among the sea of cryptocurrencies on this website.

ProxyNode Hits Coinmarketcap

It is not entirely surprising to see the Coinmarketcap team add this up-and-coming altcoin. The main requirement for a listing has been met successfully. Once a cryptocurrency is traded on 2 exchanges or more, it is eligible to be added to the popular coin tracking website.

In the case of ProxyNode, those two exchanges are Crypto-Bridge and Crex24. The latter platform supported PRX rather recently, yet is not capable of generating any significant trading volume at this time. Nearly all of the PRX volume originates from Crypto-Bridge as of right now.

Currently, ProxyNode is ranked #1,892 on Coinmarketcap Considering how over 2,080 currencies are listed, that position might not seem impressive. CMC Has yet to update the actual market cap and circulating supply figures for this currency. Without that information, the true market cap of PRX will not be displayed correctly.

Minor Developmental Updates

A lot of community members want to see ProxyNode succeed. To do so, its developers will need to deliver on some initial promises. With the roadmap now available on the site, expectations are higher than ever before. Beta testing of the built-in VPS technology is expected to go live in the first half of 2019.

Other developments to look forward to can be found on the roadmap. The official ProxyNode whitepaper should become public in the coming months. Further exchange listings are also on the horizon. It is unclear which platforms will be looked into at this time.

Some users speculate CoinExchange would be a good choice, albeit Cryptopia would also be a worthwhile addition. That latter company has, allegedly, ignored most communication attempts from the PRX team so far.

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