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Professional Fortnite Gamers Express Concerns Over the Game’s Future

The gaming industry still experiences massive growth in certain areas. That also makes it more difficult for the bigger players to remain relevant, for some unknown reason. In the case of Fortnite, the future of the game remains rather uncertain. Some of the top professional players have now formed the Fortnite Professional Players Association to ensure their favorite game has a bright future. 

This independent collective of professional Fortnite gamers wants to maintain an open dialogue with Epic Games. The developers have given their community so much with this game, but there is never a time to stand still. The competition continues to heat up. Remaining ahead of the curve needs to be the number one priority. 

Particularly the eSports aspect of Fortnite seems rather uncertain. Professional players want the ability to voice their opinions on this segment and how it will evolve. For developers, it is crucial to gather fan feedback as much as possible. 

In recent weeks, Fortnite has taken a big hit in terms of popularity on streaming services. It is no longer the top game on Twitch or Mixer. Even Apex legends has surpassed Epic Games’ creation in this regard. That is a further indication the Fortnite Professional Players Association is a positive development for the game itself. 

At this time, the Association consists of 16 players. Both Europe and the US are well-represented. Surprisingly, Ninja is not a part of this initiative. Tyler Blevens is the individual who made this game skyrocket in popularity over the past few years. Him not being on this list may cause  a few setbacks for this initiative in its current form. That said, the FNPPA has confirmed more members will be added in the foreseeable future. 

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