PIVX Users can now Stake Coins on Their Apple Devices

In the world of cryptocurrency, evolution is a necessary trait to survive. Projects which remain at a standstill will eventually be left in the dust. The PIVX team acknowledges they have a solid chance at creating cryptocurrency history. By becoming the first anonymous proof-of-stake currency with a dedicated iOS app, a new chapter is written in the history books.

The PIVX iOS Client

Most people who are familiar with the PIVX cryptocurrency will know their network allows for staking coins. In doing so, users can earn passive income by keeping funds in their wallet at all times. However, the project lacked in the mobile department, as only an Android wallet was available. That is not uncommon among privacy-oriented cryptocurrencies. A bit of an odd situation, although it hasn’t been all that easy to meet Apple’s requirements in this regard.

Apple has always been wary of privacy-oriented cryptocurrencies. It has taken the team some time to get a wallet application approved by the company’s App Store reviewers. Not because the application contains nefarious because, but rather because the technology giant is very careful as to how they proceed regarding offerings like these. ┬áThis new PIVX staking-capable iOS app also went through a rigorous vetting process as a result.

It is also worth mentioning just seven of the top 100 cryptocurrencies by market cap have dedicated iOS wallets. This only further confirms how difficult it is to gain any traction among Apple users. It seems unlikely the tech giant will ever change its stance on cryptocurrencies in general. The release of PIVX’s client is a big feather in the cap of the altcoin’s team. They join an illustrious group of developers who successfully passed the review process with flying colors.

What Does it do Differently?

Among the release notes of the PIVX standalone wallet are some interesting features. All of the basic functionality, such as sending and receiving coins are accessible. Additionally, users can back up their wallet through a recovery phrase, which is always a positive sign. User funds are also protected against malware through AES hardware encryption, app sandboxing, and so forth. This is designed to be a convenient yet secure solution first and foremost.

One of the more impressive features is how users do not need to download the PIVX blockchain. Instead, the iOS wallet connects directly to the network through the built-in payment verification. This makes the wallet far more accessible to novice cryptocurrency users as well as veterans. Some of the core functionality that makes PIVX stand out has yet to be integrated.

To be more specific, the iOS wallet does not support zPIV, zLNP, nor zPOS. Those solutions are currently in development and will be introduced through a future release. When that will happen exactly, has not been communicated at this time. Getting the wallet approved has been an important first step in this regard. Users will be able to stake their PIVX coins through their iOS wallet, but they will not benefit from the privacy- and anonymity-oriented approach provided by zPIV at this time.

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