P2P Coin, MARC, and YOKE Adjusted Masternode Rewards Recently

The world of masternode altcoins continues to grow and evolve. Several coins have recently increased or decreased their overall rewards. This is usually done in an effort to boost overall ROI and increase investor confidence. So far, the changes are not necessarily working out as planned for all projects.

P2P Coin and MARC Increase Rewards

It does not necessarily happen all that often masternode coins increase the rewards. Usually, this is combined with an increase in collateral, as ProxyNode is pursuing. In the case of P2P Coin, its rewards were increased to 5.4 P2P. Additionally, the stake rewards rose to 0.6 P2P. With more nodes coming online, this increase ensures investors will maintain a steady ROI.

In the case of Market Arbitrage Coin, rewards increased as well. More specifically, the MN reward now is 12.15 MARC, which is an improvement over 10.8 MARC. Staking rewards also increased from 1.2 MARC to 1.35 MARC. This development has caused a steep drop off in value for the coin. More specifically, the value has decreased to 7,000 Satoshi, down from 9,400 Satoshi. Not the desired effect, although this situation may sort itself out pretty soon.

YOKE Rewards Decrease yet Price Plummets

A more normal reward structure is maintained by Yoke Chat. This particular project has a working project since day one. However, its price has collapsed entirely. The currency was once valued at 14,000 Satoshi. Right now, it struggles to stay above 250 Satoshi per coin. This is despite decreasing rewards. Masternodes receive 15 YOKE per reward, down from 30 YOKE. Staking rewards also decreased by 50%. A lower emission level is seemingly insufficient to generate much interest in this currency.

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