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Overall top 5 Altcoins With the Most Masternodes – 2018 Week 5 Edition

As the cryptocurrency bear market continues, it seems masternode projects are also affected. A lot of owners shut down their node as the overall ROI declines. The following coins currently have the most masternodes. However, even they have to contend with severe fluctuations where these figures are concerned.

Horizon Securenode (ZEN-42)

To date, this remains the most actively populated masternode-capable altcoin. At the time of writing, 20,103 ZEN-42 nodes are online. Each node has a perceived value of $169 and yields an ROI of 30.64%. No one will get rich by running these nodes whatsoever, but that isn’t necessarily the point. It is remarkable how the network nodes dropped to just over 16,000 a few days ago. Ever since that time, Horizon has bounced back in a spectacular manner.

Smartcash (SMART)

Even though SmartCash was considered to be the most prominent masternode network, that is no longer the case. Its number of nodes has decreased significantly. At the time of writing, just 12,786 nodes were connected to the network. This is a minor decline from the 14,000 level just a few days ago. With just $0.08 in earnings per day, it is evident investors are looking elsewhere. It would take over three years to earn back the initial $92 investment.


Although the number of TELOS nodes is a bit surprising, it seems investors are quite happy. With just under 9,400 nodes on the network, TELOS Coin is checking a lot of the right boxes. It also boasts an ROI of nearly 1,000%, which makes it a bit more appealing. The initial cost of a TELOS masternode is $2.71. That explains the steep increase in nodes over these past few months.


A lot has been said about PACCoin to date. Despite some criticism, the project is still going strong right now. Its 6,597 masternodes illustrate that point perfectly. Despite an ROI of just 62.93%, owners are not switching off nodes in large quantities. A few dips were noted in recent months, yet the uptrend has been resumed over the past two weeks. For the price of $390, a PAC node could be yours as well.

Dash (DASH)

No one will be surprised Dash is still in the top 5. Despite a measly ROI of 7.25%, users earn $13 a day on average. The overall ROI is 5,055 days at current prices. One node also requires nearly 20 Bitcoin to set up as of right now. There are 4,632 nodes on the network, pushing the time between rewards to nearly eight and a half days.

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