NulleX Developers Announce Project Fork and Coin Swap

Even though we only recently highlighted the NulleX cryptocurrency, it appears some big changes are happening behind the scenes. Yesterday afternoon, it was announced the development team is moving away from the “core” developer known as Trystan. The new team will look to move the NulleX roadmap ahead under a different name and without the development of the Null Protocol.

The NulleX Fallout Explained

There is some conflicting information making the rounds regarding the future of NulleX. This particular cryptocurrency is subject to a fallout between the developers. More specifically, the entire core team has decided to move ahead without the involvement of Trystan. That developer is the one responsible for drafting the Null Protocol for NulleX, as well as the owner of the project’s Discord and Twitter accounts.

According to Trystan, he is the one who fired the rest of the NulleX team. It is evident this is the main source of the conflicting information making the rounds right now. The end result remains the exact same, though. NulleX will be the name of the project Trystan may or may not pursue further. The rest of the team will create their own new currency which is based on the same code base. They will also deliver on the initial NulleX roadmap, although the Null Protocol will not be a part of it.

A NLX Dump on Exchanges

More details on this swap will be unveiled in the coming weeks. Users are advised to move funds to a proper NLX wallet, rather than keeping the money on exchanges. It is also expected the team will try to halt NLX trading on the exchanges until this matter is resolved. There is no reason to let investors suffer from even bigger financial losses due to this fallout.

Members of the NulleX Core Team explain:

“As some people may have noticed, the NulleX price has taken a severe beating since the news became apparent. That is only normal, as investors and speculators are unsure of what to expect. According to the team which will create the new coin, the current goal is to swap investors’ NLX tokens into the new coin once that blockchain goes live.”

For now, no official deadlines or ETAs have been provided in this regard. There are plenty of questions waiting to be answered, but it is evident this decision may be for the best. Ensuring the project can succeed is the top priority for the Core Team right now. As such, they need to be given ample time to sort everything out and begin with a clean slate.

For the latest information regarding the NLX future and upcoming swap, keep an eye on the Telegram channel. 

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