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Masternode VPS Provider Spotlight: Vultr

When dealing with cryptocurrencies and masternodes, a Virtual Private Server usually goes a long way. Especially for those users who want to run network nodes at some point, a VPS allows one to do so without keeping a computer online at all times. Vultr is a very prominent company in this regard, as they are widely considered to be one of the best providers.

Why A VPS Works Best

It is evident running a masternode requires users to keep a computer online at all times. That also means the machine cannot be turned off or one will no longer earn MN rewards. Using a VPS solves all of these problems. In exchange for a small monthly fee, users can set up masternodes to their heart’s content without keeping their own machine running around the clock. Vultr is definitely a solution worth checking out, due to various prominent features and affordable pricing.

Vultr’s Products and Services

There are several options provided by Vultr for users’ needs. In the case of masternode-oriented solutions, the Virtual Private Server – or VPS – option is the one worth paying attention to. Vultr maintains data centers around the world, allowing users to create a server in any part of the world. Numerous locations through the US and Canada, Europe, and Asia are available at more than affordable prices.

What makes Vultr so appealing is how their servers are ready for use within a few minutes. Users can benefit from SSD storage to ensure their server responds in a snappy manner and provides ample storage for one’s masternode needs. Servers are also billed by the hour, rather than per day, week or month. As such, there is a lot of flexibility to take into account, which is always beneficial to customers.

Perhaps the main selling point of Vultr – in terms of dealing with masternodes – is how they offer both IPV6 support, as well as an option to purchase additional IPv4 addresses. This latter option lets users control more than 1 masternode of the same currency per server, as there is more than 1 IP address available. This helps cut down on operational costs, although one could, in theory, achieve the same goal with IPv6 addresses at no extra cost.

Affordable Pricing and Bitcoin Support

To set up most masternodes, the cheapest VS plan will be more than sufficient for users. Vultr provides this option for $2.5 per month, which makes it one of the more affordable solutions to explore. Those who want a bit of extra memory can opt for the $5 or $10 plans per month. All servers can be paid for with Bitcoin, albeit one needs to make a credit card or PayPal payment first before using cryptocurrencies.

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