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Masternode Service Provider Spotlight: StakingLab

The number of cryptocurrency service providers continues to rise. StakingLab is a relatively new company, yet their services can have a big impact. Its multi-pronged business model caters to many different needs. Not only do they focus on masternodes, but also coin staking, advertising, and consulting. It is a very prominent platform which continues to gain more traction.

The StakingLab Platform

There is a growing need for reliant IT infrastructure in the cryptocurrency industry. More and more users flock to this new form of money. However, not everyone has the necessary hardware or software to pursue specific business models. StakingLab aims to make these aspects more accessible. Their service has attracted a lot of attention, resulting in a constantly growing community.  Statistics indicate the community has grown to nearly 25,000 members already.

Which Services are on Tap?

Establishing a new company in the cryptocurrency space isn’t easy. There is a lot of competition across the board. StakingLab’s team purposefully chooses to pursue multiple different business models which are all slightly entwined. Even if one of their services becomes less popular, they have other options in place to keep investors happy. This is how most companies need to approach this ever-changing industry. Focusing on just one business model is asking for trouble.

As the company name suggests, there is a focus on cryptocurrency staking. Through the proof-of-stake protocol, users can earn a passive interest on their altcoin holdings. This company provides a staking pool with frequent rewards regardless of how many coins they hold at any given time. This levels the playing field for smaller investors, as all rewards from users are pooled together. Rewards are then distributed based on users’ “shares’ in the pool.

Masternode enthusiasts can also benefit form StakingLab’s services. The company specializes in shared masternodes which gives smaller investors a chance to receive network rewards. This also helps bring down the upfront investment cost of masternode-capable altcoins. Some of these nodes are very expensive to set up, thus splitting the costs with others can bring in more investors. It is a relatively common business in this industry as of late, as CryptoHashTank and Snode offer similar service.

Another option to explore is the shared instantnode. This feature allows clients to deposit coins and start earning rewards immediately. Users can also reinvest their earnings without having to go through a new startup process. Even with these advantages in place, investors can withdraw their coins at any time without delays. That makefor a a rather appealing investment opportunity without any real risks involved.

Last but not least, there is the HostingNodes solution. Setting up a cryptocurrency masternode can be pretty difficult for non-technical users. StakingLab’s platform lets users set up their nodes with a few clicks. Through a clear and concise dashboard, clients can monitor their nodes at all times. Especially for novice users and investors with little technical expertise, this option can be worth checking out.

Looking Beyond Infrastructure Services

The company acknowledges cryptocurrencies are about more than just their infrastructure. With a passion for advertising, marketing, and consulting, the company is trying to tap into many different markets. The advertising side of the business can be of great value to new projects and concepts. With consulting, StakingLab can also help startups and existing projects alike. It is al all-encompassing business model which both applies to and transcends the masternode industry alike.

Disclaimer: All information provided in this article is for educational and entertainment purposes only. MNMMG Does not offer investment advice and is not responsible for any financial losses sustained by its readers.

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