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Masternode Service Provider Spotlight: IHostMN

The masternode hosting service provider industry is growing at an accelerating pace. Numerous companies try to attract clients from all over the world. IHostMN may very well become one of the more successful ones to do so. Its low fees, excellent service, and the wide range of supported coins quickly earned them brownie points among enthusiasts.

Masternode Hosting Made Easy

When exploring masternode-oriented service providers, a few key options will be available. Clients can either host a full node or invest in shared nodes. This latter option is quite appealing to investors who only own a portion of the collateral needed for a full node. Being able to host full nodes without the hassle of setting up a VPS can also be very appealing to the right type of users. IHostMN provides both options at a more than affordable fee, which makes them a welcome addition to this ecosystem.

Supported Currencies

Anyone getting involved in the masternode hosting business needs to support many different projects. IHostmN knows that all too well. Their list of supported coins continues to grow nearly every single day. They also list the supported currencies combined with the projected yearly ROI. This allows current and future clients to make a well-informed decision. All currencies are eligible for shared and regular masternode hosting.

A platform like this would not be successful just by supporting different coins. It seems IHostMN is also successful in attracting new clients. The company offers at least 1 active masternode for every currency they support. This is primarily due to the low fee structure the company employs to date. It is often better to make many small profits and grow the business compared to scoring big profits and not being as widely successful.

Pricing and Fees

For users who want to host a full masternode, they can do for 0.99 euro per month. This is cheaper than buying a VPS outright in most cases. Moreover, this option doesn’t require users to perform any complicated setup tasks. Everything is taking care of by IHostMN. They even provide users with the correct information to update their masternode configuration files. It is a very pleasant and straightforward service.

In terms of shared masternodes, the situation is a bit different. Users will begin earning rewards as soon as they complete the deposit. However, there is a 5% fee on all payouts. That money will then be used to pay for hosting and management services. It is still a fair fee, as the average across the industry is close to 5% as well. Do keep in mind this fee will remain in place for the duration of hosting the shared node.

It is also worth mentioning IHostMN accepts many different payment methods. All currencies supported by CoinPayments can be sued to pay for full node hosting fees. Users can also top up their account balance with PayPal. Having multiple options a tone’s disposal is always a good thing.

Disclaimer: All information provided in this article is for educational and entertainment purposes only. MNMMG Does not offer investment advice and is not responsible for any financial losses sustained by its readers.

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