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Masternode Service Provider Spotlight: CryptoHashTank (CHT)

The masternode industry continues to fire on all cylinders. Growth can be noted across all departments, as it seems more investors are pouring money into these specific altcoins. For companies such as CryptoHashTank, this creates new lucrative business models to explore. So far, the company has established itself as a leading masternode-oriented service provider.

The CryptoHashTank Vision

Addressing a specific need in any market segment will usually lead to a successful business. CryptoHashTank was one of the first companies to offer service to masternode investors. Not everyone wants to set up and run a full node on their own accord, either due to technical or financial reasons. As such, the team contributes to the cryptocurrency ecosystem by solving those potential issues in a meaningful and affordable manner.

Which Services are Offered?

The main focus for CryptoHashTank – or CHT – lies on shared, instant, auto, and standard masternodes. By dividing the business model into these different segments, CHT can cater to the needs of thousands of users around the world with relative ease. To date, over 1,600 users rely on the services provided by this company. It is also worth noting CryptoHashTank is responsible for operating and maintaining nearly 1,100 masternodes on behalf of its users, which further confirms there is a genuine demand for their services.

Especially the instant masternodes will be quite appealing to investors. As soon as users make a deposit, they will be eligible for masternode rewards. If not enough collateral has been contributed to launching a server, the waiting investors will be eligible for proof-of-stake rewards in most cases. As such, the invested money is still generating additional income until everything is in place to bring a new node online.

To ensure this business model can be successful, CHT needs to remain on top of new masternode-capable coins coming to market. At the time of writing, the platform supports over 90 different currencies and their list of supported projects will be updated around the clock. As this industry continues to grow, the demand for shared, instant, and auto masternodes will continue to increase accordingly.

One feature that makes CryptoHashTank unique from other provider is how they also focus on becoming a proof-of-stake platform. More specifically, they offer the necessary infrastructure to simply set up a wallet for staking purposes only, instead of running a masternode. Although this feature is only available for select coins, it makes for an interesting business model to explore further. Diversification is key in cryptocurrency, both in terms of coins and services rendered.

Pricing Structure and Payouts

Operating a service like this can never be done free of charge. The CHT team currently charges a standard commission of 4% on all earnings, which is more than respectable. Should a masternode’s daily earnings fall below $1 for some unknown reason, the commission rate will be variable until the situation improves again.

In terms of payouts, users of AutoNodes and InstantNodes will receive rewards every single day. For proof-of-stake-only currencies, the payout structure is a bit more variable, but that is only to be expected. All withdrawals are processed as soon as possible, although some delays may ensue when the withdrawal leads to fully shutting down a specific masternode.

Relying on Discord

Unlike most online services, the CryptoHashTank platform doesn’t require users to submit too much information. As long as they have an active account on Discord, they can invest in masternode and proof-of-stake projects alike. This is a rather novel approach to dealing with cryptocurrencies. It also provides clients with some additional privacy in the process. Discord is a free-to-use service and users only need an active email account to create an account on this platform.

Disclaimer: All information provided in this article is for educational and entertainment purposes only. MNMMG Does not offer investment advice and is not responsible for any financial losses sustained by its readers.

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