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Masternode Currency Spotlight: Yoke Chat

It doesn’t happen all that often a masternode-oriented altcoin launches with a working project. Most ventures let users build masternodes while the core development is taking place. Yoke Chat is a very different breed in this regard. The developers have launched a working messaging application before introducing the con to the masses. Rivaling the other messaging products on the market today will not be easy.

The Yoke Chat Vision

One has to commend developers who seek to disrupt traditional messaging services. For Yoke Chat, the main focus lies with incorporating blockchain technology. In doing so, the team wants to protect user data and let users preserve anonymity. This is very different from all other existing solutions on the market bar very few. None of those uses the blockchain in such a way at this time.

How Does it all Work?

Building an all-in-one solution is no easy feat. Yoke Chat focuses on three key pillars to make this happen. First of all, there is the decentralized approach. By pursuing this option, the developers can achieve high profitability for all users involved. It also ensures no one can monetize user data, as everything is kept anonymous at all times. For users, this will prove to be a welcome change of pace.

Secondly, Yoke Chat will also feature an internal payment system. Messaging solutions can be used to tackle global remittance through cheaper alternatives. These types of applications can also improve financial inclusion on a worldwide level. Yoke Chat will rely on the YOKE currency in this regard. Support for other popular cryptocurrencies is also on the to-do list.

Last but not least, the anonymity factor shouldn’t be overlooked. Users will benefit from complete anonymity and the lack of data harvesting. Privacy is a very valuable commodity on the Internet yet it is increasingly difficult to come by. The Yoke Chat team sees anonymity as a key aspect to achieve success in the years to come. Combined with long-term strategic planning, the client base and partner network will continue to grow accordingly.

The YOKE Currency

Introducing a native currency to a new messenger solution makes a lot of sense. YOKE Will provide maximum functionality. It can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies or used for payment solutions. Each user will benefit from the built-in YOKE wallet solution to store, send, and receive coins. In future iterations, an internal exchange solution will be provided. This currency can also be used for staking purposes or creating network masternodes, resulting in a passive revenue stream.

Masternodes are Crucial

Other than the messenger service, Yoke Chat also introduces a masternode solution. Investors need to obtain 2000 YOKE to set up such a node. They will earn valuable rewards for doing so. These nodes also provide crucial services to the overall ecosystem. As the rewards for nodes and staking decrease over time, this currency will not be subjected to high inflation. This makes it different from most altcoins on the market today.

Looking Toward the Future

Although Yoke Chat has a working messenger platform for desktop (web) and Android, there is still plenty of work to be done. Various key milestones are waiting to be hit throughout 2019. A web platform beta for mobile and major OSes is currently being fine-tuned. The mobile wallet will be released in the next 10 weeks. Further platform enhancements will be achieved throughout the year. Getting the YOKE token listed on more exchanges will also be a key priority moving forward.

Technical Specifications

Coin TickerYOKE
Total Supply210,000,000 YOKE
PremineYes, 80,000
PoS or PoWPoS (Quark)
Increasing Collateral Requirement?No, but reducing masternode and PoS rewards
GitHub LinkGitHub
Block ExplorerYoke Chat Explorer
DiscordChannel Link

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