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Masternode Currency Spotlight: Cronos Coin

There is plenty of room for competing cryptocurrency projects. Cronos wants to build a new solution for masternode enthusiasts and investors. Their underlying technology offers more transparency and brings additional features to the table. The team also has plenty of experience in building various cryptocurrency-related software tools in the past. There is also the native Cronos Coin currency to take note of.

The Cronos Vision

A fair few cryptocurrency projects focus on the masternode industry today. All of this competition is positive news for enthusiasts and investors alike. Cronos offers a solution this growing industry direly needs. Their toolchain concept solved all of the common problems in this industry today. Their presale-suite toolkit has a fair few benefits. Whiles till in beta right now, a finalized version of the toolkit will come to market in the coming months. Building a new platform to bolster the masternode industry can be a lucrative venture.

How Does It all Work?

On paper, the solution provided by Cronos might sound a bit confusing. It is evident this toolkit will offer many benefits to coin developers. As the number of masternode-oriented altcoins continues to grow, a more transparent solution is required. The software developed by the team introduces a lot of nifty features. More options will be added as the development of this product continues. Additional features will also benefit the Cronos Coin price.

In the current version, there are four interesting aspects to be highlighted. Cronos is a solution which is multi-platform compatible. That in itself will be a major selling point for any masternode-oriented software. Secondly, it is cross-device compatible. The financial industry is shifting more toward mobile and IoT devices lately. As such, preparing for the future will be of great interest to current and future developers alike.

Furthermore, the toolkit is entirely cloud-based. Not having to worry about setting up expensive infrastructure is another potential selling point of this implementation. Last but not least, the software heavily relies on smart contracts. Automation is the way forward in this cryptocurrency industry. The built-in affiliate system is also smart contract-based. This makes for a rather compelling toolkit, assuming it will work as advertised.

What Comes Next for Cronos?

Having a beta version of the core product available is an important milestone for this young project. At the same time, the developers are already looking to the future. The roadmap currently shows a strong focus on finalizing the open source release of this software. Later this year, a mobile app will be added to the ecosystem.

The platform will be updated continually and incentive program improvements will come to market. With experienced software developers working on this project, the coming months may prove to be rather interesting. It is now a matter of getting masternode coin developers excited about the possibilities.

Cronos Coin Technical Specifications

Coin TickerCRSX
Total Supply50,500,000 CRSX + Community Blocks
PremineYes, 500,000
PoS or PoWPoS
Increasing Collateral Requirement?No, but reducing masternode and PoS rewards
GitHub LinkGitHub
Block ExplorerCronos Coin Explorer
DiscordChannel Link

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