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Crypto-Bridge to Delist two Dozen Coins due to Lack of Further Project Development

A lot of things change in the cryptocurrency world. Nothing remains the same for more than a few weeks on end. Crypto-Bridge, one of the popular masternode altcoin exchanges, is removing over a dozen currencies. None of these changes come as a big surprise. A lot of MN-oriented projects are abandoned by developers these days.

Crypto-Bridge Cleans House

It has been a rough week for most masternode currencies. Following steep declines across the board, the markets do not look all that healthy. Part of this dip can be blamed on the recent Fake Stake incident. Dozens of projects are affected by this bug. As such, new wallets need to be created to reflect mitigating code changes. A lot of projects will not receive any upgrade in this regard, though.

This also means a few currencies will be removed from exchanges like Crypto-Bridge. A new list of delisted currencies was published this morning. It is believed all of these coins suffer from the same issue. Either the developers abandoned the project altogether or there is no further development on the horizon. Building a coin around an idea is easy. Making that come true in a technical manner, is a very different manner.

Two Dozen Coins get Removed

The list of soon-to-be-delisted coins is quite large. It contains two dozen pairs, with more to follow in the coming weeks. Most of these projects will not ring a bell, except for Picpoto. This altcoin is still seemingly popular. However, the project will not go in any direction for the foreseeable future. As such, Crypto-Bridge is getting rid of it altogether, for obvious reasons.  

Other coins on the list include BETX, CMOS, GASH, MINX, NYX, and many others. This does not come as a complete surprise by any means. All of these coins initially offered a high ROi and quickly saw their value plummet. Whether this is due to developers cashing out or early investors destroying the market, remains unclear. The influx of trading bots on Crypto-Bridge will not help matters much either.

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