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Cheap Masternodes With Decent ROI – 2018 Week 50 Edition

Operating a masternode often requires an upfront investment. Users need to own a specific amount of coins before they are even eligible to set up a network masternode. Even so, not all of these investments involve thousands of dollars. The following six masternodes can be set up with little money, albeit their monthly ROI is not necessarily spectacular either.


For those who want to explore options in the masternode money making industry, AIAS Coin seems to be a budget option. Although one needs 1,000 AIAS to set up a network masternode, its current low price makes this a $3.4 investment. That is incredibly cheap when looking at the bigger picture. Users who make this investment will, according to current statistics, earn $0.07 per day, or $2.17 per month. Its annual ROI of nearly 770% makes this a lucrative option to familiarize oneself with the masternode ecosystem.


Another relatively cheap option for getting acquainted with masternodes is JIYO. Interested parties need 5,000 JIYOX coins to set up a masternode, and they will pay $3.97 to do so at the current prices. In exchange for providing these services, owners will earn $2.13 per month. The annual ROI for JIYO currently sits at 644.5%.


Although QBIC has an annual ROI of “just” 215.2% at this time, it is still an option worth checking out for those new to the masternode money making industry. The initial setup cost is just $4.49, even though one needs 10,000 ABIC tokens to set it up. By running this node, operators will earn $0.73 a month. It is not the most lucrative option, but still a contender.

Rhenium (XRH)

Those investors and speculators who want to support a project with a fancy name can look into Rhenium. Its most recent price dip ensures the initial investment cost is kept at just $4.40 despite the initial 10,000 XRH requirement. It is a more profitable option compared to QBIC, as the monthly income currently sits at $1.13.

Eternity (ENT)

Another cheap masternode option for both novice users and veterans comes in the form of Eternity. All it takes is an upfront investment of $12.16, which represents the necessary supply of 1,000 ETN tokens. Users who set up an Eternity masternode will earn an average monthly ROI of $6.56. As such, this project has an overall yearly ROI of 647%.

Stipend (SPD)

The final option on this list comes in the form of Stipend. While its name might not necessarily be associated with cryptocurrencies, masternode users are effectively getting a stipend for doing so. With an upfront investment cost of $12.27 – one needs 5,000 SPD coins – this is still a more than affordable option. Users will earn just under $1 every month, which puts the project’s yearly ROI at 95%. A more than respectable figure, all things considered.

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