MNMMG PIVX Fake Stake Crypto-Bridge

Crypto-Bridge Suspends Various Altcoin Deposits Following PIVX’s “Fake Stake” bug Disclosure

Investors in masternode currencies may want to pay close attention. A lot of currencies are forked from PIVX. It has become apparent that code base contains a critical bug which needs to be addressed. As such, exchanges are forced to suspend withdrawals and deposits for some currencies. Crypto-Bridge, the go-to platform for MN coins, is […]

MNMMG CryptoHashTank Altcoins Removed

4 Masternode Coins Removed From CryptoHashTank – 2019 Week 3 Edition

The altcoin industry is subject to changes and developments. Especially where currencies with masternode capabilities are concerned, there are many changes worth taking into account. CryptoHashTank, one of the many masternode-oriented service providers, recently removed a few coins from its platform. The decision for doing so is unclear. It seems the company will no longer […]