What is P2P Coin?

A lot of business ideas are being explored in cryptocurrency. No one will deny the masternode industry is firing on all cylinders. Numerous projects come to market every week. P2P Coin is a project with a slightly different outlook in this regard. Rather than just building hype, its developers are creating an interlinked ecosystem. The […]

MNMMG Market Arbitrage Coin

Market Arbitrage Coin – Simplifying Cryptocurrency Trading Profits

Identifying new use cases for cryptocurrencies isn’t easy. Many different approaches are being explored, with varying degrees of success. Market arbitrage has always been very popular among traders and speculators. As such, Market Arbitrage Coin targets this crowd specifically. It is also a currency which, according to the developers, will make arbitraging a lot more […]

MNMMG Cronos Coin

Masternode Currency Spotlight: Cronos Coin

There is plenty of room for competing cryptocurrency projects. Cronos wants to build a new solution for masternode enthusiasts and investors. Their underlying technology offers more transparency and brings additional features to the table. The team also has plenty of experience in building various cryptocurrency-related software tools in the past. There is also the native […]

MNMMG Dogecash Dogecoin

Masternode Currency Spotlight: DogeCash

Very few cryptocurrencies succeed in terms of branding. Dogecoin is one of the offerings which has successfully done so for many years. A team of developers is confident they can create a “different and better” version of this currency. The DogeCash project was born, which aims to create a new standard in the masternode industry. […]


Masternode Currency Spotlight: LUXCoin

The number of cryptocurrencies which offer masternode-based services continues to grow. Over a year ago, a new project known as LUXCoin was announced. It is one of the more successful projects to date, and one that has none other than John McAfee as the CEO of Luxcore. Now is a good time to recap what […]