MNMMG Altcoins Most Masternodes

Overall top 5 Altcoins With the Most Masternodes – 2018 Week 5 Edition

As the cryptocurrency bear market continues, it seems masternode projects are also affected. A lot of owners shut down their node as the overall ROI declines. The following coins currently have the most masternodes. However, even they have to contend with severe fluctuations where these figures are concerned. Horizon Securenode (ZEN-42) To date, this remains […]

MNMMG Masternode Altcons Price Rise

5 Masternode Currencies Rising in Value – 2019 Week 3 Edition

Cryptocurrency markets are constantly shifting. Some projects will gain value, whereas others suffer from price depreciation. In the masternode industry, the following five coins have begun noting strong gains this week. That makes them interesting to keep an eye on. Always conduct one’s own research prior to making any investments. MasterBit (MBC) A most interesting […]

MNMMG Atcoins few Masternodes

5 Altcoins With Few Active Masternodes – 2019 Week 2 Edition

The masternode industry is always undergoing going some interesting changes. Certain projects can be vastly more successful than others, but there are different metrics to measure success in this industry. The following five currencies seemingly struggle a bit to get more network nodes online right now, but that situation may change for the better in […]