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6 Most Expensive Masternodes – 2018 Week 50 Edition

When it comes to running any masternode, one has to take multiple costs into consideration. The upfront investment of the number of coins requirement is often something that holds many investors back first and foremost. Even so, a lot of those investments can turn out to be very expensive in the end, as some masternodes tend to rise in value over time.

Dash (DASH)

Although the year 2018 hasn’t been the best for any cryptocurrency whatsoever it has not affected the value of a Dash masternode in a major way. To be more specific, at its peak, one Dash masternode was valued at $1.5m, despite requiring just 1,000 DASH coins. The current value of $60,640 makes it the most expensive masternode to own today, and its annual 6.87% ROI is still rather impressive.

Vitae (VITAE)

Although Vitae is a relatively new project in the world of masternodes, it quickly became one of the more expensive options to pursue. Despite a rather low market price, one Vitae masternode is valued at $20,880, primarily because it requires 20,000 VITAE to run. The annual ROI of 101.4% makes it a lucrative option, which is rather uncommon for high-value MN projects on this scale.

Diamond (DMD)

The Diamond altcoin has been around for some time now, yet it hasn’t necessarily gotten a lot of attention over the years. For masternode enthusiasts, Diamond is an expensive option at its current valuation of $10,130. Its 10,000 DMD requirement is not all that difficult to overcome. This MN offers an annual ROI of 21.7%, which is more than respectable.

LuxCoin (LUX)

There has been some buzz regarding LuxCoin, as it is one of the projects John McAfee initially seemed to be somewhat excited about. With a 16,120 LUX reward to set up a masternode, it has a very odd requirement. Those coins combined are currently valued at $8,587, which makes it one of the more expensive solutions for novice and experienced investors to explore. The annual ROI of 33.53% is more than acceptable under the current circumstances.

Blocknet (BLOCK)

Another altcoin project which has been around for some time now goes by the name of BlockNet. This altcoin also offers a masternode-based approach for investors to explore. Users will need 5,000 BLOCK tokens to do so, which currently costs $7,950. The annual ROI of 14.78% makes it worthwhile to explore, depending on overall market demand and liquidity.


Another relatively new masternode-oriented altcoin goes by the name of LOKI. It has a rather high annual ROI of 49.53%, and users will need to obtain 35,268 tokens prior to even running such a node. With a current valuation of $6,786, it is still one of the more expensive options on the market, but the potential rewards cannot be ignored either. ┬áHaving multiple options at one’s disposal is what makes this industry so appealing.

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