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5 Masternodes With the Highest Monthly ROI – 2019 Week 6 Edition

Most masternode altcoins have significantly dropped in value. This is a direct result of the ongoing bear market affecting this industry. Despite the negative pressure, there is still good money to be made. The following masternodes can return quite a hefty income every month. Do expect their ROi to decline significantly over the coming weeks, though.

MN Tracker (MNT)

While MN Tracker is a relatively new project, its ROI will get people excited. With a monthly return of just under $12,000, this is quite the appealing project. One masternode requires an upfront investment of $1,552, which means achieving ROI will not be that difficult. However, the MNT price has dropped by significantly in the past day or so. It seems likely that price will continue to drop even further.

Blacer Coin (BLCR)

While most people remain skeptical regarding this eSports-related currency, Blacer Coin is still going strong. Its masternode returns investors $7,188 per month. That is a pretty significant amount, although the upfront investment is still quite high. Running a BLCR masternode costs $12,125. The price per BLCR hasn’t dropped much either. It holds its own at $12 without too many problems.

Afro (AFRO)

This particular currency appears to be a bit of an oddball. Its real-world purpose remains rather unclear at this time. With a monthly return of $3,429, it is a lucrative masternode project. However, one needs to invest $39,149 to be capable of running a node. The 20m AFRO coin requirement may prove a bit too steep right now.

Paycore (PCR)

Another currency with high masternode returns. Despite the initial investment of $2,054, users earn more than that in monthly rewards. In fact, they will break even within the first four weeks. Monthly returns for Paycore currently sit at $2,562. A very respectable amount, as the PCR price seems to hold steady at just over $2.


New masternode projects will always have a high ROI at first. WIN.WIN is no different in this regard. The $2,244 masternode cost will be earned back within a month. As the number of nodes grows, that may not remain the case for much longer. Even so, a monthly paycheck of over $2,200 is nothing to sneeze at whatsoever. There are many coins which are off way worse than this.

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