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5 Masternode Currencies Rising in Value – 2019 Week 3 Edition

Cryptocurrency markets are constantly shifting. Some projects will gain value, whereas others suffer from price depreciation. In the masternode industry, the following five coins have begun noting strong gains this week. That makes them interesting to keep an eye on. Always conduct one’s own research prior to making any investments.

MasterBit (MBC)

A most interesting price trend has begun forming where MasterBit is concerned. Although the value per coin is still extremely low, a 310% increase has been noted in recent days. This brings the MBC price back to $0.001813. That is still a long way removed from its $2.4 level noted in February of 2018, but given the bearish market conditions, that won’t surprise anyone. For long-term holders and new investors, this is a very positive development after a year of hardship.

Oyster Platform (OYS)

It is always easier for low-value projects to note impressive price gains without any major trading volume. In the case of Oyster Platform, the 200% value increase this week has caught a lot of people by surprise. Even though it only pushes the value to $0.000112 again, it is a noteworthy development. Similar to Masterbit, this currency lacks from virtually no trading volume.

Lancerbit (LNB)

Another masternode-capable altcoin noting strong gains this week comes in the form of Lancerbit, or LNB. It too has nearly no trading volume, yet the value increased by 100% this week. One LNB is valued at $0.000007, which makes it nearly useless to invest in this project right now. At the same time, there are 126 active masternodes, thus someone is making money with this altcoin it seems.

P2PCoin (P2P)

These are very exciting times for investors and holders of P2PCoin. Following a 97% value increase, one P2P now has a price tag of $2.86. This is quite remarkable, considering the project recently saw a pretty big price dip. Returning to its value of $7.5 will be challenging. The currency is seemingly getting listed on Crypto-Bridge soon, which could have a big impact on its price accordingly.

Glyno (GLYNO)

The final currency on this week’s list in Glyno, another altcoin which has seen a very steep price drop-off in the second half of 2018. Once valued at nearly $10, one GLYNO is now worth just $0.001. It seems someone is trying to pump the price, resulting in a 93.33% gain. With just $45 in trading volume, however, it is not necessarily a pump worth chasing.

Disclaimer: All information provided in this article is for educational and entertainment purposes only. MNMMG Does not offer investment advice and is not responsible for any financial losses sustained by its readers.

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