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5 Masternode Currencies Rising in Value – 2019 Week 2 Edition

When investing in masternode-capable currencies, making money still doesn’t come easy. Even though one can earn more coins, the value per coin will continue to rise or fall. In the case of the following five coins, their value has been rising steadily over the past few hours, despite Bitcoin and other top currencies bleeding value left, right, and center.

Poseidon Quark (POSQ)

It has been a pretty good day for Poseidon Quark so far. Although this appears to be a relatively old altcoin, its value has increased by nearly 95% in the past few hours, bringing the price to $0.0402. This value increase also coincides with a solid increase in masternodes from 33 to 52. One has to keep in mind this network once had nearly 2,000 active masternodes, thus it remains to be seen if this is a worthwhile investment.

EXUS (Exus)

Another masternode-oriented altcoin surviving a massive drop-off in masternodes not too long ago comes in the form of EXUS. Its current number of nodes sits at 300, which is a vast improvement form the 232 level a few days ago. Price-wise, the altcoin notes a 74.26% gain over the past 24 hours, bringing its value back to $0.005. It is also one of the cheaper masternode-enabled coins to pursue right now, assuming this currency effectively has a future.

UserVCoin (USERV)

Following a strong 46.92% value increase, things have begun looking up for UserVCoin again. This price rise is more than welcome, even though one USERV is only valued at $0.0002 at this time. With 68 masternodes on the network, there still hasn’t been a notable recovery from the drop noted when over 800 nodes simply disappeared from the network in mid-December. Investing in this coin seemingly poses some financial risks.

QuantisNet (QUAN)

The past few days have been rather interesting for the Quantisnet price. After getting listed on, its price spiked to $0.06 prior to losing half of that value the day after. A few days later, one QUAN is now valued at $0.0907. This represents a 42.9% increase in value over the past 24 hours. There has also been a notable increase in the number of QUAN masternodes, as 468 nodes are active on the network right now, Less than a week ago, just 17 nodes existed. Quite spectacular figures, all things considered.

Olympic Coin (OLMP)

While the name for this currency might not necessarily get too many people excited, it seems the current is doing quite well in its own regard. Following a strong 35.73% increase in value, one OLMP is now valued at $0.001. The number of network masternodes still sits at just 4, although that is a 25% increase compared to four days ago. As such, this currency may prove interesting to keep an eye on, assuming one wants to buy 1 million coins to create such a node in the first place.

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