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5 Masternode Coins Losing Over 55% in Value Overnight

As the overall crypto market trend remains bearish, all projects must follow suit. In the world of masternode altcoins, that situation is no different whatsoever. The following five coins all lost over 50% in value today. It is not a positive overall trend. However, this may only be the beginning of what is yet to come.

Chaincoin (CHC)

The biggest “loser” of the day so far is Chaincoin. Despite having no noteworthy trading volume, the altcoin still lost 93% in value. It would appear this project is virtually dead at this stage. Despite the price dip, its number of masternodes remains unchanged. With a projected ROI of 452 days, however, that situation may change fairly quickly.

Bitcoin Adult (BTAD)

Although a lot of coins borrow Bitcoin’s name, few of them ever succeed. In the case of Bitcoin Adult, things are not looking too great these days. Following a 63% value decrease, the overall interest will drop off soon. Surprisingly, this is happening with just $27 in volume. Not a positive development for this masternode coin by any means.


Expectations were high as far as LRM goes. Despite a lot of initial hype, the project lost a lot of ground recently. ┬áToday, the LRMCoin value plummeted by another 58%. Its trading volume of $5,547 is still acceptable, though. This may be a temporary setback, although it doesn’t necessarily look like it at this time.

Mobio (MBO)

While Mobio may be relatively unknown, the current price trend might not be for much longer. Following a 57% decline, things are not looking too great. There is $27 in trading volume, which can prove to be problematic as well. For the time being, it remains to be seen what will come of Mobio in the coming days and weeks.


Any cryptocurrency targeting the fitness industry is bound to fail. MFIT Coin is no different in this regard. Despite initial excitement, its price isn’t holding up. In fact, the 57.1% decline paints a grim outlook. This currency isn’t helped by just $3 in trading volume either. For the time being, things will get interesting where MFIT Coin is concerned. Recovering from such a decline may prove very difficult.

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