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5 Masternode Altcoins Losing 85% in Value or More – 2019 Week 1 Edition

Volatility is a very common trait of all cryptocurrencies. Even those altcoins relying on masternode services can see their value fluctuate quite badly. The following five altcoins all lost significant value in the past 24 hours. One has to wonder how that will affect all of these projects and their associated masternode ROI.

UserVCoin (USERV)

On paper, UserVCoin has a fantastic yearly ROI of nearly 4,000%. Unfortunately, the currency also lost a lot of value today, as its current value per coin sits at $0.000263, According to, this is a 181% decline, although it seems safe to assume half that figure seems more correct. This massive price doesn’t get more people excited about running a USERV masternode either, as the number of nodes has remained flat for nearly a month.

ExtensiveCoin (EXTN)

Another masternode-based currency with a pretty decent annual ROI is biting the dust in terms of coin value. One EXTN is currently valued at $0.06, which represents a near 80% decrease over the past 24 hours. This makes it pretty cheap to build a masternode, although one has to wonder if this altcoin can overcome this deficit in the days and weeks to come.

KodCoin (KOD)

It is not entirely uncommon for altcoins to lose tremendous value overnight for no apparent reason. In the case of KodCoin, there has been a near 100% decline in value, pushing the price down to $0.01. Interestingly enough there are still over 1,400 masternodes active on the network right now.

CollegiCoin (CLG)

So far it seems CollegiCoin has had a bad day on the markets today. Following a near 94% price decline, it is now incredibly cheap to set up a masternode which can still return an annual ROI of over 140%. Recovering the price momentum will pose its own set of challenges, unfortunately, but these markets are even more volatile than traditional altcoins these days.

Arenon (ARE)

It is safe to say most of the altcoins on this list will not ring a bell for the majority of cryptocurrency users. In the case of Arenon, it seems things are going downhill quickly. A net 89% decline in value pushed the price to $0.001. There are only 16 active masternodes on the network remaining as of right now.

Disclaimer: All information provided in this article is for educational and entertainment purposes only. MNMMG Does not offer investment advice and is not responsible for any financial losses sustained by its readers.

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