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5 Altcoins With the Most Active Masternodes – 2019 January Edition

In the world of masternodes, not every network can be successful. The success of any project can be determined by the number of nodes active on the network at any given time. The following five projects have achieved initial successes in this regard, even though that doesn’t mean their coin is valued highly.

PacCoin ($PAC)

In the altcoin industry, PacCoin has made a bit of a name for itself. This is in part due to its built-in masternode system, which rewards users for providing valuable services. At this time, 6,787 PacCoin masternodes are active on the network. Every node requires 500,000 coins, currently valued at $387.89 in total. Users can expect a yearly ROI of 61.5% based on the current statistics.

Dash (DASH)

Perhaps the most successful masternode currency today, DASH is a growing network first and foremost. Its 4,883 masternodes confirm the project is in a good place. Every masternode requires 1,000 DASH coins, valued at nearly $80,000. With a yearly ROI of 6.83%, it remains one of the most lucrative masternode-based currencies in terms of USD earnings with $5.444.69.

GinCoin (GIN)

Another relatively known altcoin comes in the form of GinCoin. It is also the native currency of a shared masternode-based service provider. Setting up a GinCoin masternode requires $1,0000 GIN valued at $1,200 in total. To date, 3,529 GinCoin masternodes have come online, with each of them providing a yearly ROI of 71.37% to its owner.

LightPayCoin (LPC)

Although not much is known about LightPayCoin, it is a successful project where its number of active masternodes is concerned. With 3,224 masternodes active at the time of writing, there appears to be a genuine interest in this venture. Each masternode locks 1,000 LPC, valued at $367. The yearly ROI of 137.76% is on the high end of the spectrum, yet only returns $505.5 per year.

Apollon (XAP)

The final masternode-oriented altcoin on this list goes by the name of Apollon. Its network is home to 2,764 masternodes, each of which is valued at $73.63. That is a low value, considering one needs 25.000 XAP to set up such a node. Its yearly ROI currently sits at 70.11%, which is somewhat of an average in this particular industry.

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