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5 Altcoins With High Masternode Rewards – January 2019 Edition

In the masternode-oriented altcoin industry, the return on investment rate of a project can be measured in different ways. Some investors prefer to see a healthy number of coins coming their way. Others want to have fewer coins but with a higher value to recuperate their initial investment quicker. The following five currencies offer a plethora of coins in terms of daily rewards. Only time will tell if this is a good thing or not.

Afro (AFRO)

This particular masternode-oriented altcoin tops the list in terms of the number of coins issued to masternode owners per month. At its current rate, Afro nodes will generate 1,168,829.27 coins per month for the user. This may seem like a lot, but one also has to keep in mind it takes 20 million AFRO to even set up a network node. In terms of big numbers, this altcoin seems to be everything one can ask for, albeit the value per individual coin is just $0.0027. That still adds up to $3.343 per month, assuming one can even sell those coins to willing buyers.

Rapids (RPD)

The second currency on this rather unusual list goes by the name of Rapids. Masternode owners need to lock up 10 million RPD to set up a node, yet they will receive 617,295 coins back every single month. In terms of USD value, this will result in a monthly income of $50.95, which is rather low when compared to Afro. Even so, it is still a currency fans of big numbers will certainly appreciate.

DIVI-Diamond (DIVI-D)

Although the name of this altcoin is somewhat difficult to get used to, it is another project which rewards a significant amount of coins to masternode owners. In exchange for locking up 10 million DIVI-D, users will receive a monthly return of 444,528 coins. The monthly net income of such a masternode is $1,458, making it one of the more lucrative options to explore at this time.

PeepMasternode (PMN)

In terms of marketing and branding, PeepMasternode may score some brownie points among industry experts. For those who want to lock up 3 million PMN in a masternode, the monthly return of 256,952 coins may look rather promising. With a monthly income of $9.99, PeepMasternode is a cheaper option to explore for fans of big numbers, although it remains to be seen if the value per coin will ever rise to a more respectable level.

ColossusXT (COLX)

The final currency on this particular list goes by the name of ColossusXT. It is a currency which requires 10 million COLX to be locked up per masternode, yet rewards users with a monthly return of 152,594 COLX. In terms of monthly revenue, a ColossusXT masternode will yield investors $69.6. It is a respectable figure, although the annual ROI is expected to drop further as more nodes come online.

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