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5 Altcoins With Few Active Masternodes – 2019 Week 2 Edition

The masternode industry is always undergoing going some interesting changes. Certain projects can be vastly more successful than others, but there are different metrics to measure success in this industry. The following five currencies seemingly struggle a bit to get more network nodes online right now, but that situation may change for the better in the future. This list only counts altcoins which have an actual market cap of $1m or more.

Ian-Coin (IAN)

Although one has to commend the developers of Ian-Coin for trying a multi-tiered masternode system, it seems the overall interest hasn’t materialized yet. Both the tier2 and tier3 offerings are respectively 1 and 2 masternodes online right now, even though the expected yearly ROI is 5.274% and 536% respectively. An interesting situation to keep an eye on, although not too many users want to pony up 1 million or 5 million coins for such a node.

DominantChain (DMTC)

It would appear this new surge of multi-tier masternode coins is getting a lot of interest, albeit that doesn’t necessarily translate to success. In the case of Dominantchain, its DMTC-GOLD tier is not getting much attention, as just one such node exists right now. Users need 4,000 coins valued at $0.88 each to set up a node, which might be holding people back.

SparkBase (BASE)

Despite having a market cap of nearly $35m, the number of SparkBase masternodes is relatively low with just 10 units. The coin has a respectable ROI of nearly 730%, albeit it costs over $8,200 to run a masternode for this altcoin. The currency seemingly has very little trading volume at this time, which may be a contributing factor.

WolfCoin (WOLF)

It is evident WolfCoin is a relatively new currency on the block, thus it is still in the early stages of development. So far, fifteen masternodes have come online, primarily because the coin is currently listed as having an ROI of over 53,000%. That is quite a steep amount, all things considered, albeit this figure will undoubtedly drop as more time progresses. Their crowdsale approach to building a new ecosystem is rather interesting to keep an eye on.

Divi Project (DIVI)

Another multi-tiered masternode altcoin comes in the form of Divi Project, or DIVI There appears to be little interest in its Diamond masternode tier right now, primarily because the initial setup cost is nearly $28,000. With 20 of such nodes active on the network, there is nothing to be overly concerned about just yet. Its platinum nodes, which require 3 million DIVI, are slightly more successful with 23 nodes active on the network right now.

Carbon Zero (CZE)

Although the Carbon Zero has 58 active masternodes on the network, one would expect this number to be a bit higher given the yearly ROI of over 500%. Compared to some other currencies, this ROI may be somewhat on the low side, although it seems interest in this currency might be picking up a bit. It will be interesting to see if this situation improves over the coming weeks.

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