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4 Masternode Coins Removed From CryptoHashTank – 2019 Week 3 Edition

The altcoin industry is subject to changes and developments. Especially where currencies with masternode capabilities are concerned, there are many changes worth taking into account. CryptoHashTank, one of the many masternode-oriented service providers, recently removed a few coins from its platform. The decision for doing so is unclear. It seems the company will no longer be affiliated with these projects moving forward.

GambleCoin (GMCN)

Earlier today, CryptoHashTank announced they are halting all services pertaining to GambleCoin, or GMCN. Although the currency is still listed on the website, deposits have been disabled. All existing masternodes operated through this platform have been shut off and coins are returned to the initial investors. Based on the Bitcointalk activity surrounding this currency, the delisting on CHT was a matter of time. The lack of an open source repository was a big problem months ago and has not been resolved ever since.

BlueMN (BMN)

On the surface, it appeared as if BlueMN could become a CryptoHashtank and Snode competitor at some point. The initial business plan shows some interesting correlations. Unfortunately, it would appear BlueMN is not being actively developed right now. All discussions pertaining this currency ceased in 2019, yet there are still over 200 masternodes online right now.

OpenBit (OPN)

Another masternode-capable altcoin recently biting the dust on CHT comes in the form of OpenBit, or OPN. Its number of masternodes has dropped off to just 42 and the removal from this platform won’t help matters much. On Bitcointalk, there isn’t too much positive activity in the OPN thread either. Despite having a native exchange platform to support the currency, it seems interest in this platform has dried up as well.

EasyNode (ENCO)

Despite still having nearly 300 active masternodes, EasyNode is removed from CryptoHashTank for the time being. After a somewhat successful launch in September 2018, the Bitcointalk thread has seen far less interest in a spectacular manner. Although new features were announced just a few days ago, it seems their “partnership” with CHT has come to an end. The coin is still under active development, though, which should keep most investors happy.

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