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3 Masternodes Rewarding Over $1,000 Weekly – 2019 Week 4 Edition

Most people run a masternode simply because they want to make money in the short-term. Finding profitable altcoins poses its own set of challenges in this regard. As of right now, the following three coins can yield some spectacular weekly and monthly earnings. Do keep in mind these prices will fluctuate significantly as their token price will decrease over time.

Blacer Coin (BLCR)

The Blacer Coin project focuses on becoming a currency designed for the eSports industry. Blacer is also the first eSport team on the blockchain, and their focus spans popular games such as Fortnite, Starcraft 2, Dota 2, Hearthstone, PU:BG, and others. Caution is always advised when dealing with gaming-oriented cryptocurrency projects.

For those willing to take the plunge, a BLCR masternode can be quite lucrative, yet also very expensive. The current weekly income sits at nearly $1,100, with monthly earnings reaching nearly $4,750. It is a very lucrative opportunity, although buying sufficient coins will cost over 1 Bitcoin at the current prices. How long that will remain the case, is anyone’s guess at this point.

Mesteam (MTE)

For those unfamiliar with Mesteam, it is quite an interesting project. The developers focus on trading and sharing games. This will also create new opportunities for game publishers to explore in the future. Fierce competition is going on between publishing platforms as of right now. Any additional options coming to market can potentially make a meaningful impact moving forward.

Those who want to make good money with masternodes may want to take note of MTE. Current daily earnings sit at $840, with the weekly income topping $5,875. Monthly gains current reward users with $25,198 worth of MTE, although that figure will drop significantly in the coming days and weeks. Running a masternode for this project costs roughly 0.65 BTC, making it a far cheaper option compared to the one above.

Traffic Data Coin (TDC)

Whenever new projects come to market, they usually boast a high ROI. In the case of Traffic Data Coin, that ROI is completely off the charts. This new project focuses on analyzing and processing traffic data. Solving traffic congestion problems and the lack of parking places are two of the main use cases. It seems unlikely this currency will make a meaningful impact in the real world, but that doesn’t mean one can’t make money from it.

Statistics wise, one TDC masternode will earn users $1,223 per day or $8,563 per week. Those who tough it out for an entire month stand to make up to $36,700, although that figure will at least half in the next week or so. Running a Traffic Data Coin masternode isn’t necessarily expensive, as it takes 0.75 Bitcoin to do so. That money can be earned back quickly based on these earnings, assuming the price can remain stable.

Disclaimer: All information provided in this article is for educational and entertainment purposes only. MNMMG Does not offer investment advice and is not responsible for any financial losses sustained by its readers.

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