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2 Upcoming Masternode Currencies – 2019 Week 2 Edition

The masternode cryptocurrency industry is firing on all cylinders as of right now. Unlike what some people would assume at first, there are a lot of new coins launching around the clock. A few of these upcoming projects are always worth keeping attention on. Users are advised to conduct their own thorough research prior to making any investments in unknown coins.

Know Your Developer (KYD)

It is rather interesting to see a new cryptocurrency launch with the name Know Your Developer. If there is one thing the masternode-oriented coins lack, it is team transparency. Very few coins openly confirm who is working on their project at any given time. Even so, KYD aims to disrupt the industry as a whole and utilize masternode services. However, one has to wonder how successful this project can be in the coming weeks and months.

Based on the Bitcointalk thread for KYD, it would appear this currency has at least gone through one swap already. At that time, the network served over 200 masternodes, yet it would appear the new masternode-based system will only go into effect later today. Users need 10,000 KYD to set up a node, and users can expect an initial MN reward of 20 coins. A lot of people are awaiting the new era of Know Your Developer, although success is never guaranteed.

Triskel Premium (TKP)

If there is one upcoming masternode-based project shrouded in a lot of mystery, it has to be Triskel Premium. Very little information is known about it at this time, other than it aims to become a decentralized payment solution in Latin America. Given the financial woes in that part of the world, there is a genuine chance cryptocurrencies will succeed Triskel Premium also appears to offer anonymous services, which would explain why the masternode-based services are an integral part of the ecosystem.

Since there is no information as to where to obtain the coin or how much collateral is needed, one has to await the official listing on Masternodes Pro, by the look of things. That service provider claims they are in the process of building a server, even though it was supposed to go online over a week ago. This usually raises a lot of red flags regarding the longevity of Triskel Premium, albeit one has to wait and see what the future will bring.

Disclaimer: All information provided in this article is for educational and entertainment purposes only. MNMMG Does not offer investment advice and is not responsible for any financial losses sustained by its readers.

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