P2P Coin, MARC, and YOKE Adjusted Masternode Rewards Recently

The world of masternode altcoins continues to grow and evolve. Several coins have recently increased or decreased their overall rewards. This is usually done in an effort to boost overall ROI and increase investor confidence. So far, the changes are not necessarily working out as planned for all projects. P2P Coin and MARC Increase Rewards […]


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ROI Rankings

5 Masternodes With the Highest Monthly ROI – 2019 Week 6 Edition

Most masternode altcoins have significantly dropped in value. This is a direct result of the ongoing bear market affecting this industry. Despite the negative pressure, there is still good money to be made. The following masternodes can return quite a hefty income every month. Do expect their ROi to decline significantly over the coming weeks, […]


Why are There Masternode Coins With an ICO or Pre-sale?

In the masternode altcoin world, some very interesting projects can be found. Some developers prefer hosting an ICO or pre-sale to sell masternodes in bunches. While this business approach is valid, it also raises a lot of questions. Early investors are at severe risk of getting burned financially once these coins hit an exchange. The […]

MNMMG Tiered Masternode

What are Tiered Masternodes?

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Can you Earn $1,000 a Month With Masternodes?

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How do Masternode Rewards Work?

MNMMG Bitlaunch VPS Review

Masternode VPS Service Provider Review: Bitlaunch

Masternode investors and enthusiasts often rely on VPS service providers. These companies let users operate their node on a 24/7 basis without having their own computer online at all times. Bitlaunch is one of the many service providers accepting cryptocurrency payments at this time. Their VPS service, while very convenient, still has some room for […]

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Masternode Service Provider Spotlight: IHostMN

The masternode hosting service provider industry is growing at an accelerating pace. Numerous companies try to attract clients from all over the world. IHostMN may very well become one of the more successful ones to do so. Its low fees, excellent service, and the wide range of supported coins quickly earned them brownie points among […]

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Masternode Service Provider Spotlight: StakingLab

MNMMG CryptoHashTank CHT Masternode

Masternode Service Provider Spotlight: CryptoHashTank (CHT)

MNMMG Snode Masternode Services

What is Snode?